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Here we present a selection of writings by a range of young Asian women writers. If you would like to read a piece just click on the title.

Weathers Aathea Iqbal
I want to live Aathea Iqbal
Trapped Afsana Loota
Scared Heart Alia Malik
Friendship Amtal Parveen
Goodbye Amen Zafar
Homeless Amen Zafar
Peace and Harmony Farzana Kausar
Betrayed Love Farzana Shaheen
Equality Jamilla Bi
A Violent Marriage Jamilla Bi
Reflection Lubna Hussain
With a flash of Lightning Lubna Hussain
Aliya Nadia Khan
I screamed Naila Suleman
One Question Noreen Begum
The World Rahila Kauser
Woman Rabia Tasnim
Me Souchiya Small Heath Rabia Tasnim
Life - Bell Rings Roohi Mehra
Sweets Sana Ismail
Culture Confusion Shagufta Parwaz
Did faith heal her? Shagufta Parwaz
Unloved Shagufta Parwaz
Dream Shaida Riaz
Freedom Shaida Riaz
Destiny Sidra Khalid